About Us

(About us)


Pretty Girl Coterie was founded by Latisha Polite (CEO), and Tykera Campbell (Co-founder).

Pretty Girl Coterie brings women together of all ages.  Women that are of many races, origins, and cultural backgrounds, using the fashion industry for means of expression.  Women are made up of many shapes, sizes, colors, and we express many different emotions.  Pretty Girl Coterie has found a way to incorporate all of these different backgrounds to form a brand in fashion. 

PGC, empowers women to know it is okay to be different, because we are all, of the same gender (female), with different things to offer. PGC teaches women that diversity is a plus not a negative.  Being different allows women to learn from one another and to share their experience embracing each learning opportunity one has to offer.  Today’s women feel the need to compete for attention from guys, social groups, etc., just to feel good about themselves. 

Pretty Girl Coterie helps women of all ages explore, and have, an understanding of the biological, emotional, and social forces that effect their growth.  PGC helps women achieve realistic goals by focusing on who they are, rather than on how they look.  Yes, fashion is based on a look, but PGC teaches that who you are on the inside reflects the outside.

PGC teaches on how to love yourself and your bodies no matter what kind of body type you have.  It’s not just about the latest fashion, but about loving the person who loves the fashion.  PGC shows women that they are uniquely made and there is no one like them.  PGC embraces who we are as women of all ages growing into who we will ultimately become, through the journey of success.  When you love yourself, your body, and embrace what you bring to society, each day will bring you closer to your goal of becoming the next successful and great woman of society.  PGC supports GIRLS ACHIEVING NUMEROUS GOAL for their personal growth.  So what makes you a pretty girl?